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Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Tree felling, tree removal, pruning and maintenance

Tree Care & Pruning

Tree branches sometimes grow into other people's land and need removing. It is important to use a specialist to prune trees as uneven pruning can cause a tree to become imbalanced and potentially present a safety hazard to the public. Paul O'Donnell has many years experience tending for trees and has all the correct machinery and safety equipment for the job. Pruning also helps to promote new growth.

Dangerous Branch Removal

A large tree branch is removed safely by Paul O'Donnell Tree Services. A crane is used to lower the branch from position, avoiding wires in the area.

Dangerous Tree Removal

A crane is used to hold the tree in place whilst the tree technician saws it at the trunk leaving only a small stump remaining. The crane is then able to safely place the body of the tree on the ground.

Specialist Tree Removal

A trained tree technician can cut a tree and be certain the direction it will fall. Where the felling is taking place away from any hazards the tree can therefore be allowed to fall unaided.

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